A tight knot of hungry scavengers was not something to approach carelessly. Antigua sized up the situation carefully.

The mixed bag of beasts before her was more than she had hoped to find. She had been told to expect a barren wasteland, devoid of complex life, yet here was evidence of a flourishing eco-system.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she quickly scanned the throng before her. Her database wasn’t finding any direct matches with animals familiar to a Northlander, but there were obvious similarities to some of the larger order of carnivores.

Suddenly the scan-line in her HUD flashed a notification. There was a match, roughly twenty yards out from the main scrum of activity.

Order: Primate

Family: Hominidae

“A human?”

Status: unconscious.

The mini map placed it roughly 20 yards outside the scrum of scavengers. What ever they were squabbling over was obviously more interesting to them than the mere morsel of a man.

She spurred Argentum back into a canter and circled around the tumult, keeping a wary eye out for anything breaking off to investigate her arrival.

As she approached the body she realised it hadn’t completely escaped attention. Two large vultures were industriously pecking into the man’s right thigh. Their vicious beaks pulling ribbons of scarlet flesh from the limb.

With a shout she drove Argentum forward at pace, steering him towards the small group. The two vultures ceased their grizzly task and flapped lazily out of the path of the approaching war-horse. They took up sentinel positions a few yards out of reach, regarding the pair through cold, malicious eyes.

This flurry of activity had not gone unnoticed.