He was standing on the edge of a high precipice. He wasn’t exactly sure how he knew this but his senses were screaming the message at him. He looked about in a vain attempt to shake the cotton veil that hung before his eyes, straining to make out details in the swirling mist. He was filled with a powerful urge to take a step forward but found he was rooted to the spot. He looked down, trying to see why his legs wouldn’t move but he could not see them through the soupy white fog.

Panic began to well up inside his chest. Icy cold tendrils snaked their way up from his left arm and he felt the sudden shock of falling. With a loud snap the veil of fog lifted and he lurched forward into the void.


“Easy, easy. Take it easy.” He felt himself being pushed firmly back down on to the bed.

Denmark squinted as his eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. At least, it seemed like a room. He had never been inside a room so brightly lit before.

A woman dressed in a style of pure white clothing he had never seen before was looming over him, holding him down by the shoulders. He felt a pinch on the inside of his left wrist. Glancing down he saw another woman pulling a thin tube from his wrist, it had a long, wicked looking needle on the end.

“How do you feel?” The first woman said, smiling at him pleasantly.

“Where, where am I?” He stumbled over the words. His tongue was a thick swollen mass, clogging up his mouth.

“Here, drink this.” She held a small cup to his mouth and he drank clumsily from it. He struggled to swallow and most of the fluid ended up dribbling from the side of his mouth. The cool, sweetened taste soothed his tongue and throat. He realised that he was incredibly thirsty.

“You’ve been on an IV drip for a week now, I’d say your mouth is pretty dry”

He didn’t know what an IV drip was but he certainly agreed with the dry mouth part.

He tried to reach up to take the cup from her but found that his arms were restrained, strapped to the bed by thick leather cuffs.

He struggled to sit up again and the other woman pushed him back down into the bed.

“Please don’t strain yourself, you’ve been through major surgery and need to rest”

“Where the hell am I?” He bellowed, thrashing his limbs about. “Who are y…”

He stop thrashing. Something was wrong.

“What happened to my leg?” he whispered hoarsely.