“Don’t you be fretting yourself over a small thing like that.” The nurse holding his shoulder said dismissively. “Overseer Barbuda fancies you for a high value acquisition. You’re getting better treatment than most. In fact I’d say some of the high-born Mayors couldn’t afford the work that’s been done to you.”

Denmark looked her in the eyes. She was a strikingly beautiful woman and he was surprised at himself for not having realised it sooner.

“Let me see.”

She relaxed the pressure on his shoulders and allowed him to raise himself up. The shackles didn’t allow him to sit fully upright but he was able to look down on himself. The first thing he noticed was that he was completely naked, lying spread-eagled on the sheets . It was more than that though, his body was also completely clean-shaven. There wasn’t a single solitary hair left on him. He had never realised how heavily scarred his chest and belly were until now. There were vivid scars forming a lattice-work across his upper body. The tale of his violent life. He had never had a clearer view of his penis and balls before either. A pang of shame flashed through him as he realised that he had been on display for these two women.

He quickly forgot his shame when he saw his right leg. Or rather, did not see. It was gone. All that remained was a stump that ended just below the hip. There was an unusual knot of fibres on the end of the stump composed of  a multitude of colours. For a moment he could have sworn that he saw small sparks of light emanating from some of them.

“What happened to my leg?”

“Mistress Antigua removed the remains of your leg when she found you on the Southland side.” The second nurse answered as she put the syringe away. “It was very badly damaged and she didn’t think you would survive otherwise.”

He absorbed this for a moment before responding.

“Where am I?”