Antigua looked up, pulling back the blood soaked tendrils of her hair from her face. She was hunched over one of the many carcasses she had left littered across the dusty ground. The carnage was extensive, pieces of flesh and various assortments of limb were strewn all about her. She had returned to the spot where she had found the strange man to perform rudimentary field observations of the various creatures that had succumbed to her blade. Her mini-map had blipped a warning of new movement within the five hundred yard radius of her sensors. She had initially ignored it, assuming that it was another one of the many circling vultures, but its movement pattern didn’t fit. It was slowly approaching on a direct course for her position.

Putting aside the remains she had been examining, she rose swiftly and in a  fluid, well practised motion, mounted Argentum. Blinking her eyes swiftly, she magnified her view and identified what was approaching. She paused momentarily, considering the best course of action to take. She hadn’t considered the possibility but here was a second human, a man, remarkably similar in appearance to the one she had returned to the Gateway. Realising that her gore covered appearance might not make the best first impression, she resolved to observe the stranger from a distance.

With a flick of her wrist she spurred Argentum to take up a flanking position up on the crest of a hill roughly four hundred yards to the west of their position. She assumed that the stranger was coming to investigate the source of the vultures curiosity. She also surmised that he was searching for the man she had found. This new man certainly dressed the same and she swore that their features were a match too. He had the same handsome ruggedness that had drawn her to the other man. It dawned on her then that they were brothers, twins in fact.

The man continued to approach. He didn’t change course to follow her and continued, oblivious to his observer, heading towards the bloodbath she had left behind.

Her mini-map blipped another notification. Three more targets entered the sensors range. Something else was stalking the man.