Sweden leapt up and drew his sword. The cold steel sang as it emerged from his scabbard. The three enormous cavers paused momentarily. They were familiar with the painful bite the weapons men possessed. The casual grace with which this particular morsel held the blade made them wary.

Sweden eyed them nervously as two of the cavers separated and began to flank him one on the left, the other to the right. They were flushed, snorting and snuffling with eagerness. He stepped back quickly in an attempt to keep them from surrounding him. It was a futile action. Their long, monstrous grey limbs carried them far more swiftly than his did and they quickly had him surrounded. He knew he was in for the fight of his life.

“Why put up a fight, mortal?” the smallest of the three hissed, its deep voice sibilating like the breath of a snake.

“Over exertion will only spoil your flavour. We want you fresh and succulent for our Queen. She has…delicate tastes.”

“I will cut off her head and fuck the hole in her disease ridden neck!” Sweden spat back sharply, turning swiftly from caver to caver as they cautiously closed in on him.

All three cavers chuckled at this. A curious, deep rumble that set Sweden’s teeth on edge.

“Oh she will enjoy playing with you, manling. Sucking the spirit from you will be like sweet nectar to her lips.” With that, they pounced.

Sweden had anticipated the move and charged forward, rushing at the smallest caver. Deftly leaping up and placing a foot on to the head of the surprised monster. His weight slammed the creatures jaws shut with a loud snap as he pushed himself into a vault. He allowed his sword to trail behind him as he somersaulted over the caver and the blade scored a vicious gash  across its head and back. The beasts momentum carried it forward as it crashed headlong into the scorched earth, roaring in agony. Sweden landed, rolled on to his feet and took off at a dead run with the two other cavers bounding after him, squealing with excitement.

If he had cared to look back, he would have seen the unusual sight of a flame haired woman riding a horse made of iron, galloping past the caver he had left in the dirt and casually loping off its head as it leapt for her. A curious sight but survival was a more pressing concern.

Warrior Picture  (2d, fantasy, warrior, gladiator)