Mali was unlike any girl who Chad had come across before. The women from his home city had all been reasonably tall, fair-haired and powerfully built. Mali couldn’t have been more different. She was short, no more than five feet tall and very petite. Her raven black hair was cut in an unusual style that made her appear fascinatingly exotic to his eyes. He desperately wanted to talk to her, get to know her a little better, but he was gripped in adolescent uncertainty and could never bring himself to approach her.

He had used his visor unit to grab some voyeuristic video and stills of her in various stages of undress from the showers and he was currently beaming an image of her on to the bottom of the top bunk. He’d found that being assigned to a bottom bunk had its perks. It afforded him a little privacy.

“Stop jerking off and get your gear on!” Britain’s booming voice cut through his reverie. The foreman was standing at the end of the bunk rattling his clipboard against the metal railing.

“Shit!” Chad rolled out of the bunk hunching over himself and bunching his blanket and sat on the end of the bed in a futile attempt to disguise his arousal.

“You too Guam, on your feet and gear up.” The foreman spun on his heel and marched over to the corner of the barrack unit that had become the de-facto girls room.

Guam was assigned to the top bunk and he lowered himself on to the floor in front of Chad. He was completely naked and stood uncomfortably close to him. Chad’s face was directly level with his groin and he turned his head away awkwardly.

“Seriously man! I really don’t need your cock in my face.” He muttered.

Guam grunted and stayed where he was pulling his gear from the top bunks end unit. One of the other recruits had spotted the confrontation and captured a still image. The angle was perfect and the image that was now beamed on to the barrack wall behind them was suitably embarrassing. Chad pushed Guam away from him and stood up as the hoots and howls of derision started echoing across the barrack.

“Yea, yea, go fuck yourselves.” He muttered. He was unaware of the image of himself apparently fellating Guam and busied himself with getting his gear on.

Britain came back with Mali in tow shouldering into her gear.

“You woofters need to get a bloody room!” He barked, smirking at Chad.

Chad looked up at him in confusion as he zipped up his enviro suit. He caught the shocked, wide-eyed look in Mali’s eyes and turned to follow her gaze.

His heart sank.