“That settles it.” Mayotte announced, turning away from the microscope. “Aside from being a disease infested mess, our guest is also a dope fiend.”

She adjusted the bandages on her nose tenderly and blinked as her eyes began to water.

“So he’s in withdrawal.” Barbuda replied, “That explains the elevated heart rate. What is our troglodytes poison of choice?”

“It’s a primitive form of opioid.” Mayotte answered, turning back to the microscope. “I’m actually quite impressed. This hair sample would probably drip morphine if squeezed tightly enough. It’s like he was drinking the stuff from a bottle.”

“Well, I can’t say that I blame him for looking for pain relief. The cavities and abscesses in his teeth alone must have been pure agony.” Barbuda said thoughtfully, a note of sympathy sneaking into his voice. “Lets give him what he craves. I know you can handle him but I would prefer him calm and docile.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Acts of random aggression aside, do you think you are winning him over?”

Mayotte looked up at Barbuda.

“I am certain of it.” She replied, ” He has wandering eyes. I’m not sure how to interpret his signals but he has certainly responded to mine. He has an impressive erection.”

“Stimulating a man in his sleep is one thing.” Barbuda said stepping closer to her. He touched his hand to her check, “but I do have faith in your charms. Give him some morphine and continue working on getting him to like you. I have arranged for Britain to send some engineers to begin work expanding the survival dome and I need to know what’s out there.”

He turned away from her and headed out of the room.

“Oh and go get cleaned up. You’re covered in blood again.”

Mayotte put her hand to her face in surprise. Her nose had begun bleeding again. The bandage leaking blood down her face and on to her chest.