Species – Human
Age – 25
Height – 185cm
Weight – 70kgs
Race – Northland Prime (Scandinavian)
Class – Ranger, Natural Historian
Assignment – Currently active in the Southland.

The eldest child of Barbuda, Chief Overseer of the gateway project. A high-born Northlander, she was trained from birth in the high martial arts. She is an expert swordsman and an extremely effective ranger. Blessed with an above average intelligence and a keen interest in biology, she was steered into the field of natural history by her father. Tall, beautiful, flame haired and passionate, she has devoted herself to the task of cataloguing the fauna and flora of the Northland.

When the Gateway was opened she jumped at the opportunity to scout out the Southland territory. Studying the unique eco-systems of the Southland could provide invaluable information to the scientists working to ensure the continued survival of the Northland civilization.