Species – Robot
Uptime – 3 Months
Height – 20 Hands
Weight – 1.5 Metric tons
Race – Equidae
Class – War Horse
Assignment – Currently active in the Southland

Argentum(Silver) is a 20th generation cybernetic war-horse. A highly advanced, multi-purpose, all terrain semi-autonomous robot, Argentum’s lineage can be traced back to the Boston Dynamics BigDog  of the early 21st century.

Argentum is a tier one robot as designated by the application of a unique moniker. Due to their expense and high level of technological advancement, Tier one & two cybernetic devices are limited to the high-born classes of the Northland.

Currently in service as Antigua‘s steed, Argentum has been modified for maximum speed and range and has been configured to perform scout and ranging functions.

The highly advanced neural network and OS that provides control and feedback to the operator also lends this generation of war-horse a degree of individuality and personality. It is not uncommon for strong emotional bonds to form between horse and rider.