A strong gust of wind pulled on Israel’s cloak as he hurried in to the temporary shelter afforded by the High Constables tent. The constable was a tall, gruff man, unshaven and thus of indeterminate age. Israel guessed he was roughly in his mid thirties but he could not be sure. He was seated on the end of his cot bed idly examining his grizzled face in a polished bronze bowl.

“You will have to assign a new command.” Israel said, not bothering with a formal greeting.

“Uman has been… discharged. The Countess would like you to consider her nephew, Belarus, for the commission.”

“What do you mean ‘Uman has been discharged’?” the constable said, looking up in surprise.

Israel paused for a moment before responding.

“Let’s just say he has been given an early retirement.”

The constable put the bronze bowl away and stood up, towering over the eunuch.

“The tribes that were loyal to Uman will not be easy to control without him.” he said, poking Israel in the chest to emphasize his point. “The Countess wont be able to fuck all of them in to submission.”

Israel rolled his eyes in resignation

“The situation is what it is.” He replied.

He reached in to a fold in his robe and pulled out an official looking parchment

“Here is the official certificate of office. The Countess and I have already signed and witnessed it. Please ensure that a suitable candidate makes his mark.”

The constable took the document. He scanned it quickly and grunted his disapproval.

“I’m sure my opinion is of no consequence but I shall offer it in any case.” he set the parchment aside and sat back down on the edge of the cot bed resuming the inspection of his face.

“Belarus is a terrible choice. He is young, inexperienced and impetuous. He also has a reputation for buggery and debauchery. The tribesmen will not respect his authority.”

Israel snorted in response and turned to leave.

“They will respect the addition of his cavalry and two units of pikemen to his cohort.” he said, bustling out of the tent.

“Aye, that they might.” the constable said under his breath. “You ball-less sycophant.”