Species – Human
Age – 25
Height – 175cm
Weight – 70kg
Race – Southland Wreghan (Iranian Expat)
Class – Warrior, High Born.
Assignment – Currently active in the Southland.

Countess Slovenia represents an unusual change in the prevailing political attitudes of the Southland clans. As a general rule, women are seen as subservient to men. Nothing more than sexual chattel and slave labour.

A high-born courtesan of almost indescribable beauty, she was quickly spotted and married to the Wreghan High Lord. He was won over by her high level of intelligence and charisma and gave her far more influence and control of the day-to-day running of his kingdom than would usually have been afforded a woman. She also expressed a keen interest in warfare and strategy which the High Lord indulged, perhaps unwisely. She used the opportunity and her feminine wiles to build a strong  network of political and military alliances and spent as much time as possible on the practice field learning the art of war.

Unfortunately for the Wreghan High Lord, Slovenia developed a taste for power that brooked no obstacle. When it became apparent that absolute power over the Wreghan empire was in her grasp she began plotting his destruction. With the help of her trusted Aide-de-camp, Israel and a lot of luck she was able to engineer a situation where she was able to rescue her mortally wounded husband from the field of battle and return to avenge him by routing the enemy force. The story of her victory and bitter-sweet return to the Castle Wreghan with the body of her husband stretchered behind her horse and the head of the enemy general on the tip of her lance sealed her place as the leader of the Wreghan clans.