Species – Human
Age – 18
Height – 175cm
Weight – 100kg
Race – Southland Poan (Scandinavian Expat)
Class – Warrior/Ranger, High Born.
Assignment – Currently active in the Northland.

Twin brother to Sweden and son of High Lord Jordan. If Denmark and Sweden were wolves, Denmark would be the alpha male.

From the very first moment of his life Denmark was brash and hungry for power. There is a rumour that he fought his brother in the womb to ensure he was first-born and their relationship has been strained ever since.

A natural warrior, Denmark is tall, strong and an accomplished swordsman. While not exactly bright (He takes after his father) he is blessed with a charm and charisma that can be quite disarming to the fairer sex.

He is assigned to the first cohort of his fathers 1st legion and is serving duty as a ranger/scout.