“Just lean forward, it’ll take the weight.” Mayotte said, supporting Denmark as he hobbled beside her, desperately clinging to her shoulder.

“It works exactly like your leg used to work, just don’t think about it.”

Denmark tried to follow her instructions but the experience was so alien that any attempt to rationalize what was happening met with stubborn defiance from his brain.

It had taken a lot of careful explanation by Mayotte to get him to agree to even try the cybernetic prosthetic. Unfortunately he had no frame of reference to help him comprehend most of the concepts she was firing at him. As near as he could tell the contraption that she had plugged into the stump of his leg was somehow able to behave like a real leg.

He had staunchly refused to believe that such sorcery was possible, that was until Mayotte had nonchalantly removed her own arm and handed it to him. Fortunately he had been seated at the time and was able to conceal his surprise and shock by very subtly not feinting.

“Truly, you possess some powerful magic.” He said, barely managing to keep the quaver from of his voice. He held the disembodied arm with the look of discomfort common to people holding disembodied arms. Mayotte had shrugged taking it back with her good arm and casually locking it back into position on her shoulder socket.

“Here, let me help you.” Mayotte said helping him stand. “I know this is hard to understand, but it’s really quite simple. This leg has been built to work in exactly the same way as your old one.”

“Think about how you used to walk.”

“I never used to think about it, I just did it” Denmark replied.

“Exactly, you rarely have to consciously think about walking. It’s exactly the same with this leg. If you try too hard the leg might over compensate. That would be bad. It’s many times stronger than your old leg so you could end up hurting yourself.”

Denmark absorbed this for a moment.

“Are you saying that this thing knows what I am thinking? Even if I’m not thinking it?”