Antigua marched quickly in to the brightly lit dome. As soon as they heard the airlock opening the three engineers stopped what they were doing and watched her warily. She hurried over to the locker that contained her powered armour, pulled it out and began putting it on.

“Which one of you opened the airlock?” she barked imperiously, sensing their apprehension.

Chad and Mali turned to look at Guam. Guam cursed under his breath. Why did he have to get landed with two greeners who couldn’t keep a secret to save their lives? He resolved to take his frustration out on Chad as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

“I did, Mistress.” he said meekly, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Good for you.” she said firmly. “A little cold-hearted, but it was the right decision. What’s your name? I will put a commendation of you in my next field report.”

“Erm, Guam” He replied, confused.

He had been expecting a thrashing for what he had done. A commendation was the last thing he would have expected and from a High-Born no less.

“Thank you Mistress.” he stammered, “You honour me.”

Antigua grunted dismissively and said nothing further. No sense becoming too familiar with the plebs. Now fully suited, she flicked on her visor and hailed Argentum.

“How is our little viper?” she asked, failing to keep the grin from filtering into her voice.

“Pah!” came the snorted response, “I’ve seen bigger fangs on a milk snake.”

“Good work Argee, I’ll be out in a minute. Just make sure you keep his suit intact, I don’t want him frying on the ride out.”

“As you wish.”

Antigua chuckled to herself as she signed off. She could have sworn that he sounded disappointed.

After running a full diagnostic test on her suit, she was pleased to note that the life support systems were showing green across the board. She started walking back to the airlock when an incoming comm-link request dinged and a small notification icon blinked on her HUD. She accepted the request and her fathers face floated into view.

“Antigua my dear, always a pleasure to watch you work.” The Overseer was more than a little relieved to see that she had resolved the situation. Not because she was okay, that he had no concern over, but rather that the barbarian Southlander had been kept alive.

“Oh I’m fine, thank-you father.” She replied sardonically. “Tell me how does Mayotte fair with his brother?”

Barbuda turned to look at the monitor on his desk. The screen was displaying a feed from one of the sick bay recuperation stations.

“Ah, let’s just say your sister has the issue firmly in hand.”

Antigua rolled her eyes, signed off and headed back to the airlock.