I have now posted roughly 53 ‘chapters’ of the first book in The Firewall Saga. I’m going to call this as the end of the first draft stage and move on to the re-write phase before I consider publication options.

I have imported all the chapters into my fastpencil.com account where I will now start the serious work of re-writing and refining the story. Posting each chapter in draft form on wordpress has been a blast and I can’t wait to start doing it for book 2 but things are going to be quiet on here for a while as I focus on the hard work over on fastpencil.

I am really keen to get collaborators and am desperate for betareader’s because I know I’m falling down on the grammar and sentence structure side of things. So if you are interested in helping me get this thing written and polished please send me a message and I will add you to the fastpencil project where you will be able to post comments and submit edits. Doing this means you also get an inside scoop on how the story evolves as it is fleshed out and more flavour/seasoning is added.