I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this piece of character art commissioned from deviantart user http://julian-grei.deviantart.com/

I’m keeping my character descriptions very light in the novel on purpose so that people can create their own personality and appearance in their minds. The following paragraph is the verbatim description that I gave Julian-Grei.

Antigua. She’s tall, super hot, has red hair, wears cybernetic armour and has a robot horse. She carries a sword too. Basically that’s all the description I will ever give of her. So the rest is up to you. It would be awesome if you could include her robot horse in the picture too.

I didn’t want to go down the traditional fantasy art route of having her wearing really skimpy and impractical armour, so the end result that Julian produced really impressed me. Having said that it’s still an awesome sexy piece so my inner lech really loves it.

The preview sketch alone blows my mind but the final colour piece really has everything I hoped for in a decent fantasy/sci-fi art work. Oh and as an added bonus Argentum features in the picture and boy does he look like a bad-ass mother fudging warhorse.