Here’s my one page contribution to the fabulous Ms. Eaton’s “Write a Story With Me”

Part 17

So it turns out that being a rebel has its perks. Three years away from home and Sian’s life was completely different. The Establishment had developed an almost foolproof way of dealing with those who chose to speak out against the ‘perceived’ authoritarian system that ruled Argot and the other city states. Give them a job. Put someone in a position where they have power over the lives of others and almost all will toss their noble ideals to the side.

Sian understood this. She knew she was being manipulated into acquiescence with the Establishment order. The job was difficult and at first had taken a huge toll on her emotionally, but she was good at it. Extremely good. She was now part of an elite unit within the Establishment given responsibility for the cleanup operations that are run once the Planetary Raiders have completed their mission brief. This usually involved inserting new Establishment friendly politicians, but sometimes more drastic measures were required to quash rebellions before they escalated.

Her current assignment was going to be a tough one. Rumour had it that the Council of Argot had been infiltrated by the resurgent fairy population. She would have to return to her home planet to perform a delicate surgical operation and this carried with it the possibility of a chance encounter with her family. If she accidentally bumped into her father, Yoran, things could get awkward. Very Awkward.