Things are starting to get a tad exciting in my world at the moment. First of all there’s this awesome new chapter illustration from Jules which gives us our first glimpse of Jordan and Cyprus. In case you were wondering the naked woman is a slave… Oh, and she’s dead. Jordan’s sword may have been a little too… hard for her.

Secondly, I am getting far enough along with my first rewrite that I am starting to look seriously at getting a proper editor to help me work on polishing this baby till she shines like Argentum. Now, the problem with editors is that they don’t work for free. So with that problem in mind I have started putting together a Kickstarter project to help me pull together enough money to hire one. If my Kickstarter proposal is accepted I will be bombarding the social media world with desperate plea’s for support. If you are reading this and are interested in helping me with it then stay tuned.