So, first post for 2013.

I must admit to being a bit bummed that my Kickstarter wasn’t successful and this basically sapped me of my motivation to do any work on ‘The Firewall’ for a while. Thankfully, the artists I commissioned to illustrate it had no such emotional instability and seeing their work has finally managed to extract me from my discouraged state. I’m going to revisit the Kickstarter project at some point, but I will make the threshold for approval lower and will try to make the rewards more appealing.

Jules finished his illustration for Chapter 08 which shows Antigua manhandling Denmark into the emergency return pod.

sketch (3)Chapter 08 - High Priority Package


I was also delighted to receive a final copy of the cover art that Paul Davies was commissioned to do. This will be the cover art for the printed version of the novel when it finally goes live. I absolutely love it. It really captures the desolate landscape that I imagined the hearthland of my scorched earth would have. I would also like to credit Paul with the idea that the Firewall is interacting with the earth’s magnetic and is in essence an aurora on steroids.