Ah, yes. Spring is in the air. February has rolled around yet again. I’ve grown a year wiser and sexier. I’m feeling good about the way 2013 is heading so far. I’ve been on a little hiatus from the writing and running, but now that winter has gone, I’m ready to come out of hibernation and get both my book and my body back into shape.

And lo, out of the blue, Jules has provided another chapter illustration. Here we see the Overseer Barbuda at his control desk, getting ready to play through Argentum’s data log from the Southside. I love the ‘minority report’ style screens. Nice touch there Jules.

Anyhoo, I’m sitting at the 40k word count mark for the novel. I have set a target of 50k by the end of March and would actually like to be sitting on at least 60k by the time summer kicks in. Wish me luck.

sketchfirewall Chapter 09 - hyperthermic amputee