Super excited today!

Just took delivery of the first draft print copy of The Firewall Saga. It’s an actual book I tells ya!



The book is nowhere near finished, but I wanted to get a feel for what it would look like in print form and I have to say that I am mighty impressed. have done an incredible job. I chose the top-line full color option which means the print is on gloss paper. This makes the book feel really dense and super professional.



Unfortunately this option is really expensive and I don’t really see this being the version that I will offer for sale when it does finally get finished. I think the full color experience will be limited to the ebook publication. That is, unless I can get a kickstarter funded, then all bets are off.

So yea it may just be a sneak peek of the finished article, but damn if it don’t make it feel like I’ve actually written a book.