It’s been a long time since my last post, so apologies for the radio silence. I have been madly busy for the last month and the artist that I am working with was swamped with other commissions that he is working on.
I’m still making slow and methodical progress on the writing side. I’m now nudging the 50k word count which is great. It feels like a very significant milestone and I must admit that I’m very excited to be reaching it.

I have hired an actual editor to do a read through and give grammar, spelling and punctuation advice. The experience of having someone take the time to read through the thing is interesting. Even though they’ve been paid to do it, the feedback is still very much appreciated. The fact that my editor appears to be enjoying the read makes me quietly optimistic that this might actually be worth the effort. If I can figure out the marketing side of this self publishing lark, people might actually buy this book.

I have hired another artist to do illustrations to help speed up that side of the process. The new artist’s skills are more on the landscape and environment side which is a great foil to the more character focused work that I’ve received so far. I think both artists bring something great to the table and I reckon the end result will be much better because of it.

Here’s the new guys deviant art page.


This is an illustration he has done for one of the final chapters. I am absolutely in love with it. It has helped crystallize the final scene and will very much influence subsequent drafts.


Here is the finished product.

war_after_math (4)