This is one of my favourite chapters in the Firewall Saga and it almost never existed. It’s a little piece of world building/exposition that was inspired by my being contacted through this blog by a random person from the internet. This person was the admin of a blog that collected excerpts of creative writing about surviving the apocalypse. The blog doesn’t appear to be active anymore but I really liked the idea. It occurred to me that while my novel is set long after the end of the world, it might be interesting to write a chapter that explored the drama of the event.
I had recently read about seed vaults that various governments around the world were setting up and it occurred to me that one of these would be the perfect place for someone to survive the end of days. I chose to set it in Norway’s svalbard seedbank as this would tie it to the northern hemisphere thus providing a useful explanation for how the Northland kingdom in the novel was able to recover quickly and remain a technological society.

Anyway, here is the latest artwork for the novel. This is the purge as it is wiping out the surface of the earth as seen from the entrance to the vault.

Love it.