Some awesome new artwork from Jules has landed in my Inbox.

There’s very little in this life that will make hump day better than a good bit of artwork, let me tell you! Sadly this will be the last bit of artwork he’ll be contributing for a while which just crushes me back down the hump, but hey ho, them’s the breaks.

In fairness, I have a new, highly motivated artist, Daniel Sheldon, on board and working busily on the next few chapters. He doesn’t have a deviantart profile, which reminds me, I should suggest that to him… but anyway, this is a bloke I went to high school with and I have always admired his work. I am deeply honoured to have him working with me on this project, By all accounts, he is as excited about it as I am. He has sent me a ton of draft sketches and ideas, which I will probably share at some point in a future post. He’s still working on moving his workflow into the digital medium, but we’re getting there.


On the writing end, progress is being made on the final chapters, slowly but surely, bit by bit.



Untitled-2Chapter 13 - Guam's Bottom Bitch