Ugh, I hate Mondays.

Today is a particularly bad type of Monday. Cold, dark, wet and promising to be long and boring too. Sigh.

…but, some more artwork from Jules has arrived to brighten up the day. So it’s not all bad.

Now we’re getting into some of the juicier character development for the Countess Slovenia. It is becoming evident that she may be a little more ruthless than one would expect as evidenced by the hapless figure, crucified behind her throne. Dark is not the word.

Anyway, we’re hurtling into the end of 2013 and I’m now eyeing up November for the end run of writing this bloomin‘ book. I am going to make a concerted effort to use Nanowrimo to finish. Fact. End of Story. It shall be done!

Progress so far.


I intend to be around 70k by the end of Nanowrimo. Wish me luck.

my-most-capable-agentChapter 19 - My Most Capable Agent